Personal Hat

Some of what you wanted to know about me, but were afraid to ask...
Straw Boater A photograph of me, taken 12th June, 1997.
Image size: approx. 59K.
Straw Boater Another photograph of me (wearing my beloved moustache), taken 24th February, 1999.
Image size: approx. 77K.
Straw Boater A recording of me, presenting my residual East Yorkshire accent.
NB: some plug-ins claim they can't find this file, but it does exist!
Cut size: approx. 212K.
Straw Boater My Curriculum Vitae. This is the dour text I send to officious companies who require such details "for our records". The result is about as interesting as they are...
Straw Boater A brief biography. This is what I despatch to people in the games industry (typically journalists) when I've sent them some material and then ages later, moments before their final deadline, they suddenly announce they need a little "background" (read "space-filler") and can I supply it right now please.
Straw Boater My entry in Who's Who in Science and Engineering, which has now been placed in Who's Who in the World, too. I have no idea why my name was put forward for inclusion in either, but it smacks of being a money-making exercise to me ("buy your own, personal copy at a reduced rate")... Maybe someone filled in a nomination form?
Straw Boater My mentions in FAQs and other worthy, semi-official Internet documents. If you don't know what a FAQ is, don't ask...
Straw Boater The various letters I have had published in national newspapers. You always wondered what kind of self-important, publicity-seeking person writes to newspapers, and now you know.
Straw Boater Transcripts of radio interviews I've given.

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