Radio Hat

Sometimes, I get to go on the radio. Such appearances are invariably disastrous, because the presenter knows nothing about the subject in hand and asks questions that would take 30 minutes to answer properly. Still, publicity is publicity...

Here are some transcripts.
Straw Boater The Today Programme
BBC Radio 4
23rd January, 2004
The result of a letter I wrote to The Independent about their dismissal of computer games.
Straw Boater The Breakfast Programme
BBC Radio Essex
24th May, 2006
The result of a press release from Essex University that mentioned in passing this new course being offered in online games.
Straw Boater The Dave Monk Show
BBC Radio Essex
23rd August, 2006
The BBC reported a senior Electronic Arts executive saying that the computer game industry was failing women. Essex University was contacted to put someone up to discuss the issue, and I was that someone. Although it was on the Dave Monk Show, Dave Monk was away so I was interviewed by Steve Scruton instead. It went on for 11 minutes, which is quite long by radio standards. Immediately after it was over, my 12-year-old daughter asked me for a pink Playstation.
Straw Boater The Breakfast Programme
BBC Radio Essex
5th March, 2007
The news that World of Warcraft had reached 8,000,000 players, coupled with a possible misunderstood report of the death of a player to a heart attack brought on by playing it for seven days solid, caused Essex Radio to get in touch with Essex University to ask if there was anyone who could talk on the subject. That would be me, then.

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