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We have now examined many of the Multi-user games available to anyone who has a computer and a modem. Most of the games that I have described are free to play except for the cost of an ordinary telephone call. In this issue I would rike to tell you about a game that players of AD&D should find particularly interesting. If you are considering playing a multi-user game for the first time, you could not make a better choice than Parody. The story line is a strong one and the senior players are attentive and available. Parody is a very sophisticated game in which spells are highly developed. If you are keen on fantasy and AD&D then you should investigate this game.


Parody is set in the land of Wesarg, the southern part of a sizeable land mass. Many years ago a hardy and seasoned adventurer, Harta Ar'Han built a castle in these parts in which to retire. Over several generations the power and riches of the Ar'Hans increased as the heirs searched for fame and fortune, bringing fabulous wealth back to castle Ar'Han.

As the prosperity of the castle grew, settlers moved into nearby areas relying on the presence of the castle to deter scavengers and bandits. For many generations the Ar'Hans lived as Kings in all but title, settling disputes, providing shelter and fighting battles to protect their territory and that of their neighbours.

However, just over two hundred years ago, darkness descended upon the northern reaches of Wesarg, demons and creatures of chaos settled in the mountains, besieging Hendar Keep, the fortress of the Mage Hendar. Unable to keep the creatures at bay alone, Hendar sent out a cry of help to the heirs of Ar'Han who rode at once to defend their friend and ally.

Generation after generation of Ar'Hans fought the demons for two centuries and ground was won, lost and won again. Eventually the Ar'Hans vanquished the armies of chaos and Lorna Ar'Han defeated the major demon Ishla'zun on Talon's Peak. As the demon perished though, it returned to the flames from which it had sprung, mortally wounding all who stood near.

Of the mighty heirs of Ar'Han only one survived, the warrior mage Shi Ar'Han last in the great line. On returning to his ancestral home, he found that two centuries warring had depleted his families fortune, and left the castle undefeated. During the time he had been away bandits had entered the castle and removed his heirloom, the sword Drunthor.

After accompanying his kinfolk to a safe village and leaving them with trusted friends, Shi vowed to replenish his family fortune, and to recover the heirloom of the Ar'Hans, before riding off towards Hendar's Keep to seek council with the aging wizard.

Five years have passed since, Shi has not returned, and Hendar has not been heard of since. Recent rumours speak of stirring within the northern reaches and strange fires upon Talon's Peak. It is true that strange creatures now walk the land, and only the very brave or very foolish stray from the beaten track...


In common with most middle earth type games, the object is to achieve the rank of Wizard. This is done by collecting treasure from about the land and selling it, and solving puzzles and fighting with other players.

Combat in Parody is a fairly common event, and is one of several ways to score points. Each object in the game has a number of ratings that determine how useful it is in a combat situation.

Objects may have aura's - using a weapon with an opposing aura to your own will give you a smaller bonus, slow you down slightly AND lose you 1 point of stamina each time you attack with the weapon!


This is a percentage bonus to your change of hitting, thus an attack bonus of 10 will give you a 10 percent better chance of hitting someone.


Similar to the attack bonus, but this time it is used against your opponents. Thus if a weapon has a defence bonus of 10 then it makes it 10 percent harder for someone to hit you.


The parry bonus is only used if you elect to parly (and not to attack back). It works in the same way as the defence bonus, but is usually substantially better.


A weapons damage bonus is a measure of how much extra damage you will do with this weapon, a weapon with damage 10 will do about 10 points more damage with a successful hit.


This rating is calculated from a weapons weight, and determines how long it takes for you to recover from an attack and return yourself to a ready position. During the 'turn-around' period you will be unable to move, attack or cast. If you QUIT during this time you will lose points. A weapon with a speed of 8 will take roughly 4 seconds to ready after you have used it in attack.


To attack someone or kill something use KILL <player/mobile> and you will take a swing at the (with your weapon if you are a WIELDing one), you have to type KILL each time you wish to attack. Alternatively you may use your weapon to PARRY instead, when PARRYing you will usually be harder to hit, although you cannot attack anyone while doing so. PARRY lasts until you next try to KILL someone.


Magic is a very real force in Parody, and if you can learn to use it well it will prove very valuable. All characters start with a few spells, although Priests and Mages do best. Spells are divided into four spellbooks roughly by type. To learn further spells vou will need to trade further score for it. For a list of spells, and the score cost type SPELLS, to show which spells you already know type LIST. To learn a. new spell type LEARN <spell>, to cast a known spell type CAST <spell> <info.
eg. FIREBOLT <direction>
Creates a bolt of fire that travels in the given direction harming players it encounters.

Not all spells always work, and some spells cannot be used under certain circumstances. Careful use of spells can give any player a good advantage over other players. Remember though, the more spells you buy, the lower your score (and your level), the quickest way to get to Mage is to ignore spells completely, IF you can survive without them!

Parody is a fascinating game to play. The players are interesting people and quite aside from the game are happy to chat on line. Parody on the Iowa system is a good place to spend the winter wrapped in fantasy and away from the cold. I hope to see you there one of these long dark nights... PIPPIN. Iowa System is on 0883 744044 and 0883 744164 at 1200/75 baud 8 bits 1 stop bit no parity (Four 2400 baud lines are shortly to be added on the 0883 744044 line).

Richard A. Bartle (
21st January 1999: cnfdec90.htm