You've heard of MUD - now get ready for MUNG! No it's not a strange creature from a Flash Gordon film - it's a new interactive game being put together by Infomania, the Hertfordishire-based computer club.

The Multi User Network Game commonly known as MUNG, will eventually have thousands of users. Many will be bored Adventure game players, who have exhausted their last breath in a terrifyingly boring fight with a bearded pirate. Initially 50 or so users will be able to play MUNG simultaneously.

For every action in the game which changes the MUNG world significantly there will be a reward of MUNG power points. Accumulate enough of these and the MUNG world quite literally, be yours!

As your character is your entry point and sense system within MUNG he/she/it is very important. Above all you must never [if you con help it] let them die.

The MUNG game is scheduled for general release in the first half of 1985.

Applications for further details should be made, in writing, to: MUNG Applications, Informania, Carey Place, Watford, WD1 2LR, or telephone Watford 55122.

Richard A. Bartle (
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