The DRAGON Incarnation of MUD2 Hat

These are documents I extracted from DRAGON MUD2.
Mitre A quick-start tutorial I wrote to try to help new players learn the basics of the game. I think this may have been for the benefit of one of the other MUD2s around at the time (eg. US Videotext's) or one in planning (MPGNet's or eWorld's). However, it was definitely used by DRAGON MUD2 on occasion.
Mitre The graveyard list of wiz epitaphs.
Mitre An interview I did for Wabit's Waffle. It was a follow-up to an earlier interview which had taken place some four years previously.

This is a DRAGON MUD2 photograph.
Mitre The trophy, designed in the shape of a dragon's claw, which was awarded annually to the victor of a DRAGON MUD2 tournment. I believe Mudguard was the first (and only) winner.

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