The Micro Adventurer Articles Hat

The magazine Micro Adventurer was published by a bunch of Really Nice People at Sunshine Publications in London. One of them, Martin Croft, heard about MUD about the same time I contacted them myself, and asked me to put together a regular column on the subject. This I did, and I quite enjoyed it - it wasn't at all onerous and I was paid to do it...

Unfortunately, Micro Adventurer folded in 1985, being unable to attract enough advertising revenue. A good many MUD players were avid readers, and were sad to see it go. Because of this, I put a permanent reminder of it in MUD itself: there's a faded copy of the magazine in the attic, which you can FOLD for points (sigh).

The articles were believed correct when written, but since then a number of falsehoods have come to light. In particular, SUE the arch-witch turned out to be a completely fabricated identity run by a man, and it's also dubious whether the "female half of PAULA the witch" ever actually played at all. This would make KRONOS the first wiz to be run by a real-life female (Anita Sinclair, who went on to found Magnetic Scrolls).

Aside: the articles were combined (with Sunshine's permission) and published as part of Duncan Howard's book, MUD, although unfortunately they're one of the more accurate things in it: even the "preface by Richard Bartle" wasn't written by me - Simon Dally composed it without telling me, and put it in my name. Before this episode, I naïvely thought that software companies were the only people who put out products way, way before they were finished...

You may notice that some of the articles have rather a lot of panels in them (some of which are for images). I was asked to write a supply of these "to use as space-fillers if the main article isn't big enough" (which turned out to mean "to use as padding we can pull out if by some miracle we get some advertisement copy"). They somewhat break up the flow of things in a flat document, but were laid out rather better in the magazine itself.

Oh, and I didn't choose the titles...
Mortar Board Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud
pages 22 to 25,
September, 1984.
Mortar Board The Finger of Death
pages 21 to 23,
October, 1984.
Mortar Board Berserking - all the rage
pages 22 to 25,
November, 1984.
Mortar Board Dec the halls for Christmas
pages 9 and 10,
December, 1984.
Mortar Board Logic puzzles and mazes
pages 18 to 21,
January, 1985.
Mortar Board Introducing the wizards
pages 23 to 25,
February, 1985.
Mortar Board Mud's wonderful wizards
pages 19 to 21,
March, 1985.

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