Speculation is growing that cult multi-user game MUD will be available to Prestel and Micronet users in the near future.

Prestel and Micronet are both denying that any decision has been made, the former though conceded that the appearance of MUD on the bulletin board is "a possibility". Micronet, the computer orientated bulletin board which uses Prestel pages, is pointing out that it already has a successful multi-user game in the form of Shades. A spokesman said that Micronet is not in discussion with the game's organiser and developer MUSE about MUD (Multi User Dungeons). He admitted though that plans are afoot for new multi user game projects.

Despite these denials, insiders absolutely insist that MUSE is in the process of transferring the game for use by Prestel. MUSE itself confirmed that discussions have been going on. One senior figure in the multi user world predicted that MUD would be up an running on the bulletin boards within the next three months.

MUD is currently available to hundreds of modem owners and takes the form of a text adventure. Gamers can come across other players inside the game and thus form alliances. If it was to be taken on by Prestel and Micronet the game would be available to thousands of users.

Despite the bullish noises coming from the multi user community it is still difficult to explain why the bulletin boards would want to take on MUD - which is very similar to the now established Shades.

Richard A. Bartle (
18th August 1999: ncefeb89.htm