Stick in the MUD Hat

Stick in the MUD

Adventure nuts who are really into playing around with bulletin boards should consider obtaining access to MUD (Multi User Dungeon). This is a telephone-accessible database carrying games which callers can log onto and play either with other callers or against the base computer.

The only drawback with these kind of systems is the cost. You will need a PSS ID (01-920 0661 for details) and then a £25 fee. From then on it will cost: £6.25/quarter rental, and 90p-£1 per hour. There is also a charge of 15p-20p per kilosegment of data sent or received - not forgetting of course, your normal telephone bill. Fortunately, PSS exchanges are usually a local call away, ie about 50p an hour.

Once you are connected, there are three games available: MUD, Valley, and Rock, all games of wizardry, magic, heroes/heroines, and necromancers. But the most interesting parts are the other people playing at the same time who you can meet, help, and fight. MUD is available 0200:0700 Monday-Friday, 2200:0800 Saturday-Sunday; Valley and Rock 0000:0700 Monday-Friday 2200:0800 Saturday-Sunday.

If adventures aren't your bag you can spend your time (and money) making keyboard friends', and just generally hacking around.

Richard A. Bartle (
5th August 1999: pcnfeb85.htm