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This month is definitely revival month because back from the dead comes another on-line favourite - MUD (Multi-User Dungeon). This is basically an electronic version of Dungeons and Dragons.

MUD has been revived by a company called The Wizards' Guild and their promotional bumpf goes into great detail on how to get your old alias back if you played MUD before. Dial 081-478 4488 with a modem to try the game out. Passwords are MUDGUEST followed by PROSPECT. A word of warning, unlike bulletin boards this system uses protocol settings of even parity and seven data bits so you will probably need to adjust your comms package.

You can speak to the Wizards' Guild for details of the pricing structure on (0268) 728889. However, MUD won't be cheap - roughly £2 per hour. Sign up fast to save the £30 registration fee.

Richard A. Bartle (
21st January 1999: pcpjan92.htm