by Marion

The Wizard's Guild have finally been able to secure the services of Mercury's MDN5000 packet switching system, thus allowing players to call a local number rather than dialling long distance.

You will only be able to call the system via the PSS numbers if you have PSS credits on your account. Both game credits and PSS credits can be ordered together, but are handled differently.

The game credits are based on a sliding scale (the more you buy, the cheaper it gets) and are deducted only once you are in the land. The front end is, and will remain, free. Further, depending on the circumstances, the actual game credit charging rate will change from time to time, again reflecting the overall usage of the system (the more players, the cheaper it gets).

When ordering game credits, you have now the choice of allocating part of your money to PSS credits. These credits are fixed and deducted whenever you call via PSS, regardless if you are in the game or browsing in the various libraries. There are two bands (in line with Mercury): daytime charges and night charges (including weekends and Bank holidays). The Wizard's Guild is subsidising the PSS charges as follows: the daytime credits will be deducted at a rate of £2.06 (this is what Mercury charges) per hour. PSS night credits will be deducted at £1.00 per hour which means that the Wizard's Guild will subside bills by 37%. This subsidy will initially last to the end of the year and dependlng on general usage, might be adjusted slightly. Mercury's definition of daytime/night time is as follows: Day Time - Mon-Fri 08:00 to 20:00 and Night Time - Sat/Sun/UK National Bank holidays - 00:00 to 23:59.

Mercury currently accepts the following baud rates for the Dragon System : 300, 1200, 1200/75, 2400. To connect via Mercury 5000, dial your local node and at the prompt, type: ,,dragon (comma comma dragon). Check out the library (Newcomer / Mercury Access) for a full list of all the current Mercury access numbers and charging details and any problems accessing Mercury - call Mercury Customer Service desk on 081 914 2456.

Richard A. Bartle (
21st January 1999: rhdec92.htm