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Avalon Europe Ltd.

Avalon Europe, a consortium of players led by John Cunningham, has taken over the running of Avalon, the multi-player role playing game. Avalon is a sophisticated PBM; Play by Modem, as opposed to Play By Mail. All action takes place in a fantasy world, and Avalon Europe are offering five free hours to new external users to log in and have a look around. If you haven't got a modem or computer then Avalon Europe can arrange for you to visit their offices, and take part in the game on one of their terminals. Anyone interested should get in touch with John on 071 928 2956, or write to: Avalon Europe Ltd., The West Wing, 5-11 Lavington Street, London SEl ONZ.

Richard A. Bartle (richard@mud.co.uk)
21st January 1999: rpifeb93.htm