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This is a collection of Style Sheets. Style sheets are used to keep information about players (as opposed to personae) in the game. Some people use them so they can figure out which real player is running a persona, and some people use them so they can keep tabs on the various fake identities they assume for themselves.

I personally use style sheets when I'm playing MUD2 undercover, ie. when I'm pretending to be someone I've made up rather than the real me; this which is the only way I get to find out first hand how the game feels to mortals. Style sheets make it easier to keep track of the various different identities, so I thought I'd share the ones I use with anyone who's interested (either for masquerading or for exposing masquerading). Print off single copies of the first 7 sheets, and multiple copies of the Appendix (the diary).

Note that there is a lot more to running separate pseudo-players than merely using these sheets! I have no intention whatsoever of giving a tutorial on the subject, though; use the style sheets if you think they'll fit in with what you do already, but if you want to rôle-play a different identity from scratch you'll have to figure out for yourself how to do it...
Mitre Style sheet 1: background information on the player.
Mitre Style sheet 2: the personality of the player.
Mitre Style sheet 3: how the player inputs commands.
Mitre Style sheet 4: the player's knowledge of the game.
Mitre Style sheet 5: the procedures that the player adopts in certain common situations.
Mitre Style sheet 6: what the player talks to other players about.
Mitre Style sheet 7: notes.
Mitre Style sheet Appendix: diary of MUD2-related activity.

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