MUD Character Types Hat

MUD character types
1. Achievers (typical name: Zorg the Intrepid). These guys, or gals (in MUD you'll actually find many of the players are girls, so if you still needed a reason to give it a try…) are obsessive point collectors. You get points for doing most things in MUD, whether its finding treasure, finding rooms, using objects correctly, killing characters or mobiles, or simply just staying alive.

2. Explorers (typical name: Twitcher). Explorers are sort of more pedantic versions of achievers: they're still interested in gaining points, but love to work out every secret of the world; to find every secret room and meet every mobile. They also enjoy nothing more than finding faults in the game logic, such as whether the contents of a box burn when put into a fire, depending on whether the box is open at the time or not. Such glitches are, of course, harder to find as the years go by - but that doesn't stop them.

3. Socialisers (typical name: Sunflower). This lot isn't interested in points particularly. They've just come on to have a natter with their cyberpals, and will quite happily stay in the tea room for hours, without even venturing out into the world. When they do, they like to work in groups, and can actually be quite a formidable force when doing so.

4. Killers (typical name: Axekiller). The rarest of the four groups, for the simple reason that their way doesn't work. In 20 years, only a handful of killers have ever made it to wizard, with the vast majority being offed by the moral majority the minute they start attacking people. Mind you, they do get points for killing players, so they do have to be stopped pretty quickly.

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2nd May 1999: wiremud3.htm