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  • noun One of the most enduring legends in BL, of such complexity that it beggars belief; properly speaking, as it combines a number of constituent legends together, it's actually a myth. It occasionally occurs as a B-52, B-17, or whatever other Boeing bomber comes to mind, but each variant is always reverently capitalised. The gist is that you have to collect all the metal you can and get to the dwarf forge (see also armour), where you can make a B-29 if you know how to use the poker. The ventilator is its propeller, and it may help if you can get the cannon on board. The command to take off is 'contact'. Drop the bomb you made and the game will crash. There are different versions of what happens next. Everyone except the pilot usually dies, although it may be that only those at ground zero are dead dead. The bomb-dropper may make wiz automatically, or may get the kill points of those personae who are bombed, or may just get 10% of this total. Whatever, it's a lot - "well worth going for"... Oh, and don't fly too low or you'll crash into the Cottage.

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