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  1. noun The highest level in MUD1 below wiz. Terms which in MUD2 refer to mages, in MUD1 apply to legends. "Look! legend meat!"
  2. noun In MUD2, the fighter equivalent of 'warlock' level.
  3. noun A legend is an oft-repeated rumour which wizzes encourage mortals to believe, but which is actually (almost?) entirely false. BL wizzes spend a lot of time propagating and embellishing legends. It's fun (for the wizzes concerned, but not necessarily for the mortals!). Myths are roughly the same as legends, but the term tends to be reserved for the more long-standing, mature and complicated among them. See B-29, bandstand, magic train, ballroom, troll, tin, armour, seventh tomb, throne, A. A. Milne, stegosaurus, wizmort, bogroll, moose (this last one is given in full as a complete example of the genre).

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