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brands hatch

  • noun When someone stacked with goodies plus one lit brand enters the swamp, they blow up. This is a brands hatch, so called because of the race ('Brands Hatch' is a motor-racing circuit) to get back before anyone else nicks the fruits of your hard labour (although it also evokes imagery of T "hatching" from an egg, just waiting to be picked up and swamped). The term can refer to the event, eg. "I lost the lot at a brands hatch" or to the pile of expected goodies which remains: "The LS? Oh, I got it in a brands hatch". Brands hatches usually occur at the rapids, but can happen elsewhere. It is considered cheeky, but inoffensive, to pick up the T from a brands hatch and swamp it before the previous owner can get back ("Sorry, was it yours?"), as it serves them right for being so careless in the first place (especially if they were playing in macro mode at the time). However, it is very bad form not to leave the poor victim their kit, so they can continue playing. Surprisingly, there is no term used to describe the situation where you pick up a brands hatch in its entirety, including the offending lit brand, then zw to the swamp and blow yourself up. See race, stick man/woman.

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