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  1. noun The 'swamp' rooms, where you drop your treasure to score points. Sometimes, just the first two rooms (those you get to doing zw); sometimes, just the western of these two rooms. These are the honeypots.
  2. verb/0 The 'swamp' directional command which moves you one room in the general direction of one of two 'swamp' rooms (depending on which area you started in). This command works from most places. The swamp direction was added some time after the swamp itself, to make finding it easier for lowlifes. See zw.
  3. verb/1 To drop an object in the swamp. Q: "What should I do with this vase?" A: "Go swamp to the swamp and swamp it".
  4. verb/0 The condition of having snooped output displayed on your screen so quickly that useful information from other sources rapidly scrolls off before you can read it.
  5. noun The area consisting of the rooms described as being in the swamp. A maze.

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