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  • noun A collection of rooms with a common theme, setting or puzzle element. Several areas make up a section (sense 1). Commonly referred-to areas in The Land are: (for MUD1 rooms) the Cottage, the Pine Forest, South of the Road, North of the Road, the Mine, the Dwarf Realm, the Sea, the Ship (or the Galleon), the Dragon Isle, Under the Yew Tree, Behind the PC, the Goblin Lair, the Foothills, the Graveyard, the Cave, the Swamp, the Isle of Woe; (for Valley) the Inn, the Evil Wood, the North Mountain, the Middle Mountain, the South Mountain, Under the Inn; (for Simon's rooms) the Olives, "Il Castellare", the Monastery, the Scriptorium, the (Formal) Gardens (also known as the Park), the Keep. There are two small, disconnected areas: the Sancta and the GFC. Other areas are modular add-ons not present in every incarnation of the game, eg. the North Mountain and Oriental Temple (also known as the Pagoda, although strictly speaking that's just the multi-storey building at its focal point). Commonly-run blank complexes can take on the status of areas, too.

    NB: as they are proper nouns, throughout this dictionary the names of areas are systematically capitalised (as above); however, players don't follow this convention with quite the same rigour, if at all. Nevertheless, it does serve as a useful means to distinguish between areas and rooms in cases where the names clash, eg. for the swamp.

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