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MUD1 rooms

  • noun The rooms west of the stone wall. The largest and oldest section of The Land - indeed, the Cottage and surrounding area formed the initial database of MUD1 (the Cottage is based on the house in which Roy Trubshaw used to live). Trubshaw left lots of hooks upon which to hang other areas (the beach, the cave, the forest north of the road, the Graveyard) and these were later fleshed out by Richard Bartle, who subsequently added the rest of the MUD1 rooms (plus Valley). The additional areas arrived in roughly in the following order: Under the Yew Tree, the Cave, the Foothills, the Sea, the Swamp, Behind the PC, the Ship, the Goblin Lair, the Pine Forest, North of the Road, the Mine, the Dwarf Realm, the Dragon Isle, the Isle of Woe. See The Land, section.

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