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  • verb/0 To communicate game-specific information with someone in the real world while both are also playing in the game; by extension, playing two or more personae at the same time. Multi-lining is usually illegal in MUAs. It's OK to be in the same real-world room as another player, or indeed to play two personae personally, so long as all game-related communication goes through the game. For example, if Fred gets attacked, then suddenly from out of nowhere Joe comes to his aid without either of them uttering a word, it's a fair bet that in a room somewhere in the real world the player playing Fred is screaming at the player playing Joe for help. If Fred had shouted in the game, though, it would have been acceptable. Basically, if someone snooping can tell you're multi-lining, you are, and if they can't you're not..! Note that all out-of-game communication while playing counts as multi-lining - people have even been caught using CB radio to cheat this way! The reason multi-lining is outlawed is because it gives a huge advantage to the players who are doing it: multi-lining killing teams can off virtually anyone acting alone, and certainly make the game unplayable. Sometimes, observant wizzes may think they see multi-lining when it's not there; it might be that you have arranged prior to playing that you will meet someone in a certain room at a particular time, or you've agreed on a system of hidden meanings to stylised phrases (like bidding systems in Bridge). If you try any of these tricks, don't be surprised if you get hassled, though!

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