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  • verb/1 To make life difficult for someone. This can range from talking to them when they don't want to be talked to, through incessantly pestering them, to stealing things from them, hitting them and to attacking them. Normally, hassling is petty, but it can be quite vindictive. Wizzes will sometimes hassle mortals as part of a test, but more often than not it's inadvertent - the wiz is simply immune to hints that the mortal doesn't actually want to explore their latest blank area right now or whatever. It's possible that someone can be hassled by a group of players but not by a single individual: if there's one mortal and five wizzes, each wiz may be well below the bounds of hassling but from the mortal's point of view "the wizzes are hassling me!" If someone systematically hassles a particular player, that becomes bullying. See also tweak.

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