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  1. noun Abbreviation for 'player of the month'. An award granted monthly, supposedly to the mortal who has played best that month. It used to be the case that you could only win it once, but in many newer incarnations multiple wins are possible; perhaps 'persona of the month' would be more accurate. The recipient of the POTM award is traditionally decided by a reluctant vote among the wizzes, and has a "Player of the Month" postfix on their name (which is read as "please kill me immediately"). Usually, but not always, the term is fully capitalised. See POTM curse, DOTM.
  2. noun Abbreviation for 'phase of the moon'. Things which happen non-deterministically and for no apparent reason are sometimes said to be caused by the POTM, especially buglets. Q: "Why did the piglet attack me just now when it's normally so sweet?" A: "It's the POTM".

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