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  1. noun What you get when players are given the ability to make textual changes to The Land. It comes from the first time wizzes were allowed to add objects of their own devising, when dozens and dozens of red 'baloons' were seen floating around. Players are notoriously bad at spelling, yet assiduous in spotting spelling mistakes, and therefore baloons are regarded as a Bad Thing that deals a serious blow to any pretence of mystique a MUA may have. "We can't let mortals decide their own descriptions, we'd get baloons". See blank.
  2. noun Metaphorically, any suggestions or additions which would ruin a game's atmosphere, such as semi-automatic pistols in a piracy scenario or a large desert in the middle of a forest. "If you put in a Roman centurion it'd be as bad as baloons". Plodders often make such suggestions. See castle in the air.

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