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looby loo

  • verb/0/1 Deliberately to do all the work with one persona, then collect the rewards with another. This is patently unfair. The phrase is almost always used as a verb, eg. "He was FODded for looby looing", and rarely capitalised, but it derives from the 'Looby Loo' character in the 1960's children's TV programme, 'Andy Pandy': she was a doll who was never alive whenever anyone was around; in MUD1 a persona who was similarly never to be seen was dubbed a looby loo. Variations include loobyloo, looby-loo, loobying and, in BL, lobby looing (some Americans unfamiliar with 'Andy Pandy' think it comes from people hanging around in the lobby, ie. Tearoom, instead of playing). Looby looing, when it occurs, often does so in conjunction with multi-lining. It is illegal, except in certain prescribed circumstances, for example when it's impossible for you to swamp some T you'd stashed earlier because you've since been killed in a fight. Some people labour under the misapprehension that looby looing is one-way, using a low-level persona to do the work for a higher-level one, but that is not the case: many celebrated cases of looby looing were high-to-low, to build up a persona to a level where it could adequately function as a killer. See points, multi-line, Tearoom warlock.

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