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  • noun Abbreviation for 'protected persona'. A type of persona which cannot be attacked by other personae, and, reciprocally, which cannot itself attack or otherwise interfere with them. In most incarnations of the MUD2, PPs have similar streams to non-PPs, however they top out earlier: there is no PP equivalent of mage/Sir/Lady, and excess points above that cannot be earned. PPs therefore can't ever score enough points to make wiz. However, it is possible for the game to be configured differently such that PPs can become immortal as mystics; this kind of set-up is deemed to encourage plodders, however. In a standard configuration, personae can switch from non-PP to PP at no cost, but because life as a PP is easier they will lose two thirds of their points upon changing back. PPs are intended to be used by explorers and socialisers with no aspirations of making wiz with them, but who enjoy other, non-competitive aspects of play.

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