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  1. noun The intermediate object between a tree and a brand. True addicts rate a certain log-related silly as one of the best in MUD2.
  2. noun A record of your game in every detail, as if it was snooped to disc. Logs are taken of the games of most highlife, since these people tend to be the one that: (a) play the most; (b) perform commands that lead to Strange Things happening; (c) get attacked in a manner most unfair resulting in a whinge. Often comms software can create logs for private use (in BL, these are called buffers).
  3. noun A record of the internal goings-on of the game's interpreter. These are produced mainly to deal with whinges when they arise, and are sometimes called game logs. See RNG.
  4. verb/0 To make a log (sense 2 or 3). "Watch it, you're being logged".
  5. verb/1 To cause a log (sense 2) to be created for a persona. "That's enough! I'm logging you!".

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