MUDmeets Hat

Every once in a while, MUD players get together face-to-face for a "MUDmeet". Here are a few photographs I've taken of attendees at some of these events, having warned potential victims first that the results were likely to appear on a web site...
Mitre June 3rd/4th, 1995.
"SubCyberia", London.
Mitre November 15th, 1997.
"Princess Louise" pub and "My Old Dutch" pancake house, London.
Mitre June 27th, 1998.
"Deacon Brodie's Tavern", Edinburgh.
Mitre February 27th, 1999.
"The Falcon" pub, London.
Mitre July 24th, 1999.
"O'Neill's" pub, Dublin.
Mitre September 4th, 1999.
Some generic pub, Kingston-upon-Thames.
Mitre April 29th, 2000.
"Figure of Eight" pub, Birmingham.
Mitre September 16th, 2000.
"Old Fish Market" pub, Bristol.
Mitre April 21st, 2001.
"Yates's Wine Lodge", Oldham.
Mitre April 6th, 2002.
"Yates's Wine Lodge", Colchester.
Mitre August 17th, 2002.
"The Ship Inn", Rainhill.
Mitre August 2nd, 2003.
"Wetherspoons", Nottingham.
Mitre October 6th, 2007.
"Vintner's Parrot", Worthing.
Mitre October 18th, 2008 (30th anniversary MUDmeet).
"The Charles Dickens", Worthing.

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